Our Approach

Redbridge School has a balanced approach to learning and aims to develop key attitudes and transverse skills supporting students to achieve academic mastery and become fulfilled lifelong learners who contribute to society in a positive way.

Key Attitudes

Transversal Skills

Learning Through Inquiry


Multilingual and Multicultural Environment


Forest School

Reading has been placed at the heart of our educational project. One of our goals is to inspire a love of reading and literature in the students at our school. 

  • At Redbridge, students have special time dedicated to reading every day. 
  • Reading is one of the most fundamental and useful skills with benefits outnumbering merely decoding and understanding the written word. The ability to read allows for autonomy in learning and the freedom to acquire new knowledge in any subject. 
  • We encourage parents to spend time, every evening, engaging in a pleasurable shared reading activity with their children. This may include listening to your child read, reading to them or jointly reading a magazine, recipe or set of instructions.