International pathway

Redbridge International School prepares students for a continuously developing and globalized world, which is why we immerse our students in the very best education, with a structured and rigorous programme.

At Redbridge International School we seek to maximise all pupils’ potential and to instil in all our pupils intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. This starts with the outstanding teaching, guidance and support of our teaching staff, who pass on to pupils their passion for their subject and for learning for its own sake.

We know how important it is to help pupils establish a love of learning, good habits of concentration, understanding, imaginative flexibility, and discipline.
As of Year 8 students study the Cambridge International Lower Secondary Curriculum, a continuum to our English/Portuguese pathway and an alternative option for our students enrolled in our French/English pathway. Our Cambridge International Lower Secondary Curriculum is broad, stimulating and exciting, and aims to expose pupils to a broad range of subject in order to enable to them to find their passions.This further develops and deepens our student’s academic knowledge, mastery and curiosity in a multicultural context and environment.

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