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Early years

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Portuguese/English pathway

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French/English pathway

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International pathway

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Redbridge offers a stimulating and multilingual journey to our students whilst following the guidance of the national curriculum:

  • Our Early Years programme follows the French national curriculum for the first three years of ‘maternelle’ whilst maintaining a strong focus on self-directed play, creativity and autonomy. 
  • Subsequently, students embark on one of our two bilingual pathways, engaging in a personalized and trans-disciplinary approach
    • the French/English pathway, following the French national curriculum (CP, up to Baccalauréat Français / Baccalauréat Français International)
    • the Portuguese/English pathway (1º to 6º ano), following the Portuguese national curriculum; this stream transitions in Year 8 (equivalent to 7º ano) to the Cambridge International Pathway (Cambridge programme for Lower and Upper Secondary), leading up to the IB Diploma Program (IBDP), through iGCSEs.

English taught according to the rigorous Cambridge curriculum from the preparatory class

Redbridge International School has a balanced approach to learning and aims to develop key attitudes and transverse skills supporting students to achieve academic mastery and become fulfilled lifelong learners who contribute to society in a positive way.

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