Key Attitudes

We believe that developing these 6 key attitudes will help our students to lead fulfilled and successful lives, becoming valuable members of their wider community.


Encouraging students to become physically and emotionally self-reliant, intrinsically motivated and organised in their self-care, decision-making and learning. We do this by providing a safe environment for them to set and review their own goals, learn from their mistakes and develop a determined spirit.


Developing students’ confidence in their own abilities and talents so as to nurture self-aware and adaptable individuals who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are encouraged to express their needs and opinions clearly and cope with failure as an important stepping stone towards achieving success.


Curiosity starts with the itch to explore. This urge grows into an instinct for inquiry. Stimulating students’ curiosity enables them to continually learn, grow and seek a deeper understanding of the world they live in. It also helps them to develop a healthy imagination and sense of creativity. Piqued curiosity leads to better retention of information. Curiosity cultivates an active mind, counteracts boredom and inspires persistence.


Learning to be respectful and caring towards ourselves, others and our environment is a cornerstone for responsible citizenship. Developing children’s ability to take care of themselves by promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Taking responsibility for our own belongings as well as those of others’ and collectively caring for our learning environment.


Developing the ability to learn effectively with others. Learning about emotional intelligence and managing our own emotions so as to be able to work well with others in a group setting to accomplish a common task or project.


Being determined is the ability to persevere. It is about being resilient, hard working and willing to continue on in the face of difficulties, obstacles and even failures. It is also about being passionate about something. Encouraging students to be determined means helping them to set and achieve their own goals. When students learn to regulate their attention, emotions and behaviour, we empower them to pursue goals that are most important to them, which sets the stage for helping each student reach their full potential.