Food education

At Redbridge International School, learning about nutrition and encouraging healthy and conscious eating habits is a key part of the student’s learning journey.

Redbridge International School promotes a healthy and well-balanced diet. We are convinced that the meals we share together and conversations we have about food are a key part of well-being, social and emotional development as well as reducing our impact on the environment. We do our best to ensure that the healthy meals served are enjoyed by our students. We see our lunchroom as an extension of the learning environment and one of the tools in our quest for a more sustainable world.

We benefit from our own kitchen and work in partnership with Thomas Franks to provide our students with healthy meals, freshly prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Mealtimes are considered both an educational and a convivial moment of school life and teachers often share their mealtimes with students. Social and communication skills, as well as good manners and self-management skills, are developed at mealtimes.

The menu includes a three-course lunch and healthy morning and afternoon snacks for all students.

Food Education Photo Gallery