Parent representatives

The school maintains a close partnership with parents to ensure the success of the students in all areas.

Class Representatives

Each class is represented by a parent of that class for a one-year mandate. Class representatives liaise between parents, teachers and the Parents Association.

It is the role of the Class Representative to be a positive resource for their class by sharing school information, supporting the organisation of school and class events and encouraging collaboration and community building amongst families in their class.

Parent Association (PA)

The PA was established with the objective of strengthening our relationships with parents and making the most of the wonderful support and great ideas that our diverse parent body brings to Redbridge International School. Parents, students and school leaders have the opportunity to work together to supplement and enrich students' educational experience.

With a collaborative approach, parents and school leaders bring different perspectives and insights, have a stronger, bilateral problem-solving approach and help us to function more efficiently as an organisation. The purpose of the PA is to create a healthy and constructive dialogue between parents and the school.