Early years

Redbridge School follows the guidance offered by the French national curriculum for the first three years of ‘maternelle’ whilst maintaining a strong focus on self-directed play, creativity, autonomy and the natural learning of social skills in the Early Years.

Early Years Programme

Primary Years

Redbridge offers two bilingual pathways while supporting a personalized and trans-disciplinary approach where students learn through inquiry and engage with projects.

Primary years Programme

Middle School

We consider our Middle School classes as a bridge between primary school and secondary school, which aims to meet the special developmental needs of early adolescence.

Middle School Programme

Our campus in Campo de Ourique consists of of two buildings designed using creative, functional, and eco-friendly architectural principles to create inspiring, child-centered, and practical learning environments.

Afterschool clubs run from 16h to 18h, from Monday to Friday.

Students may enrol in these clubs for an additional fee.

Extra Curriculum Activities

We offer a range of team sports for Middle School students during lunch breaks, which are part of the Desporto Escolar, allowing our students to enter into external competitions with other schools.