Our mission

Our commitment

  • To promote growth and development in a balanced way – emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, creatively and spiritually;
  • To support the mastery of fundamental academic knowledge;
  • To empower the development of a range of transverse skills providing tools for effective lifelong learning;
  • To nurture and celebrate creativity, confidence and self-reliance so that students can value their own potential, believe in their capabilities and cultivate their own talents;
  • To provide opportunities for collaborative learning, developing social skills, and encouraging the sharing of ideas and being caring towards others;
  • To allow the experience of special moments of ‘awe and wonder’, in order to encourage a love of learning and curiosity about the world and its cultures;
  • To ensure that everyone feels secure as deeply valued members of the Redbridge community.

Our school

  • Redbridge International School offers a warm, holistic and student-centred approach to education and aims to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment while respecting the needs and developmental pace of each student;
  • We are an innovative school that encourages and celebrates creativity and intrinsic motivation;
  • Redbridge International School offers an inclusive environment for all students regardless of religion, nationality, mother tongue, physical or learning ability and socio-economic background;
  • We take pride in our experienced, passionate and caring teaching team, who share our objectives and vision;
  • Redbridge International School is purpose-built and architecturally designed to reflect our environmental commitment and promotes an innovative approach to learning;
  • Our administrative team is caring, organised, and efficient, forming an integral part of the whole team, which is highly motivated and inspired by our pedagogical project.