Physical Education

Educating and developing key skills through sport, with guiding principles of participation, performance and pleasure

Physical education is essential for the cognitive, social and emotional development of students. At Redbridge, we encourage the practice of sports from an early age, not only through the curriculum requirements, but also through Sports Clubs and after school activities.

We know first-hand that encouraging students to practice sports contributes to the mental alertness and awareness necessary for a successful day of learning.

  • In the Early Years we take into account the motor development of each child and provide opportunities to exercise global motor skills and fine motor skills, allowing each child to learn to better use and control their own body. This contributes to the multilateral, eclectic, inclusive and harmonious development of children.
  • In the Primary Years and Secondary School we continue supporting students to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills through the practice of sports. On top of their core academic curriculum, students may enroll in Sports Clubs during their lunch hours, giving them the opportunity to participate in competitions with other public and private schools in Portugal. This enhances students’ personal pursuits and allows them to develop teamwork skills and working towards a common goal.

Sports at Redbridge International School Photo Gallery