Redbridge School is an inclusive school that aims to provide a high-quality education reaching a wide range of students from varying backgrounds.

The Inclusion Department at Redbridge offers support to various students with special educational, social and emotional needs as well as their families. All students are unique and may differ from each other in terms of their home language, culture, religion, physical and intellectual abilities and socio-economic status. We wholeheartedly believe that a learning community, with children from different walks of life interacting and learning together, benefits everyone for the following reasons:

  • All students have their own unique strengths and needs, irrespective of their background;
  • All students possess the ability to learn and succeed;
  • All students have unique contributions to offer to other learners and the wider school community;
  • Learning in a balanced environment more clearly replicates the society in which we live and prepares students to take their place in this society;
  • Diversity enriches us all, enabling students to overcome difficult personal situations by being part of a kind and inclusive educational community;
  • We all learn and grow through our collective effort to ensure the success of every child.

Our priorities include:

  • Ensuring students with special educational and emotional needs are identified early and are adequately supported;
  • Ensuring support to all staff, so that students with special educational and emotional needs are supported in a consistent and appropriate way;
  • Offering training and continuous professional development to school staff, so that they have the knowledge and skills to support all students in their classrooms;
  • Developing inclusive practices around the school, in and beyond the classroom environment;
  • Keeping up-to-date records to monitor the well-being and progress of students with special educational needs;
  • Developing a whole school approach and programme of study, which integrates the various elements of personal, social and emotional (PSED) learning at Redbridge.

We also work in close collaboration with outside psychologists and therapists, welcoming them at our school. This team effort results in the identification and removal of barriers to learning, and supports the developmental needs of our students.