Portuguese/English pathway – 1º Ciclo


The 1º Ciclo curriculum is designed to provide a balanced and holistic education. Classes for the 1º Ciclo  (1º Ano to 4º Ano) benefit from small groupings of approximately 16 students per class, where each pair of classes will share two homeroom teachers (a Portuguese and an English-speaking homeroom teacher), along with specialist teachers for PE, Foreign languages, and Music.

Teachers differentiate activities and instructions, considering language proficiency, developmental and academic needs and different learning styles, alternating between different teaching and learning approaches.


  • English: English instruction and content are differentiated to support our native speakers and students developing English as an additional language. At this level, we introduce the Cambridge International Education programs for English, which provide a more structured curriculum for the development of proficiency in the language.
  • French: students also learn, or continue to develop, French as a third language, having two classes a week and being grouped depending on their level of command.
  • Redbridge International School follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its descriptors. The Specification for Junior Cycle Foreign Languages issued by the CEFR for students between the ages of 7 and 11 aims to develop communicative language skills broadly aligned with the A band (A1 to A2) and early B1 level for some students who have reached advanced proficiency.

Subjects covered include:

    • Portuguese Language: Emphasis on reading, writing, and oral communication skills in Portuguese.
    • Mathematics: at this stage, students have an introduction to mathematical concepts and problem-solving. Mathematics is taught in both Portuguese and English, through the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach (also called the Singapore Maths methods), aiming at tangibly introducing concepts and progressing to increasing levels of abstraction.
    • Science and Nature is taught in English, where students develop knowledge about the natural world and scientific principles.
    • Social Studies: An introduction to history, geography, and civics, taught bilingually in both Portuguese and English.
    • Physical Education: Encouraging physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Visual and Expressive Arts: Exploring creativity through art, music, and other forms of expression.

We place a strong emphasis on interactive and experiential learning, with teachers using a variety of teaching methods to engage students, including group activities, projects, and hands-on experiences, including trips to the forest. The goal is to foster a love for learning and critical thinking skills.


School hours for our students in the 1º Ciclo are from 8:30 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.

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