Secondary School

Middle School Programme

We consider our Middle School classes as a bridge between Primary School and Secondary School, which aims to meet the special developmental needs of early adolescence. Young teens are not simply older primary school students or young secondary school students. There are very important changes that occur during this time of life that require a unique approach to education. 

In line with this vision, our tailored provision for Middle School includes:

  • National curriculum delivered through a bilingual approach: Mathematics, Music, Art, Digital Literacy being taught in English, in addition to English lessons.
  • A flexible interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages active learning and student engagement;
  • A mentoring relationship between teacher and student, by providing students with one assigned teacher who will serve as a mentor/counselor to help them feel a sense of safety, confidence and purpose in their learning and oversee their overall well-being;
  • Small learning communities with approximately 20 students per tutor class;
  • A secure emotional environment with a strong focus on personal, social and emotional growth;
  • An environment honoring and respecting student voice;
  • A focus on expressive arts activities, including visual arts, music, dance and drama;
  • Particular attention to health and wellness.

In the Middle School years, we continue to offer two bilingual pathways, while supporting a personalized and trans-disciplinary approach where students learn through inquiry and engage with projects:

  • Our French/English bilingual section caters up to 6ème, 5ème and 4ème, following the objectives of the national curriculum of the French Ministry of Education (section accredited by the French Ministry of Education).
  • Our Portuguese/English bilingual section caters to our 6º ano classes, following the objectives of the national curriculum of the DGEstE (section accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education), transitioning to the Cambridge International Programme.

Our Middle School programme includes field trips and visits and annual transveral projects.

Opportunities are created for students to learn collaboratively across the French and the Portuguese sections of the Middle School.

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