Primary Years

Primary Years Programme

Redbridge offers two bilingual pathways while supporting a personalized and trans-disciplinary approach where students learn through inquiry and engage with projects:

  • The French/English pathway follows the national curriculum of the French Ministry of Education (section accredited by the French Ministry of Education).
  • The Portuguese/English pathway (1º ciclo and 2º ciclo), follows the national curriculum of the Portuguese Ministry of Education (section accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education).

As part of our multilingual and multicultural environment, a significant part of the day is dedicated to learning languages 

  • We follow the Cambridge International Education curriculum for English and English as an Additional Language
  • Maths, Sciences and Humanities are taught bilingually, whereas Music is taught solely in English
  • Students learn a third language in each of the bilingual streams: Portuguese in the French/English pathway or French in the Portuguese/English pathway.

Mathematics is taught through the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach (also called the Singapore Maths methods), aiming at tangibly introducing concepts and progressing to increasing levels of abstraction.

At Redbridge, we promote a transdisciplinary approach where students learn through inquiry, which means incorporating all the curriculum areas in a contextualized way, posing questions and developing research and other transverse skills through meaningful projects, which nourish their curiosity.

Learning English

Instruction and content are differentiated in order to support our native speakers and students who are developing English as an additional language. At this level, we introduce The Cambridge International Education programmes of English and EAL to provide a more structured curriculum for the development of proficiency in the language. The two programmes provide more challenge and extension for the fluent and native speakers via the English curriculum and support for the learners who are developing and emerging in the language via the EAL programme.


School hours for our students in the Primary Years are from 8:30 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.

Primary Years Photo Gallery

Our main building accommodates our Primary School students and their classrooms with shared areas including the library, canteen, gymnasium, art room and administrative facilities.