From the 22nd until the 26th of January, Redbridge International School’s 3ème class embarked on an incredible adventure, discovering Ponferrada, a gorgeous Spanish city. After an early wake-up, the students boarded the bus at 7:00 a.m.

The journey unfolded in five parts, marked by two stops and three segments that stretched longer than expected. Despite the extended travel time, the students arrived in Ponferrada at 18:00 local time. A swift organisation at the hotel was followed by a warm welcome at IES, where staff, students, and families greeted us with open arms.

From evenings full of cultural exchange, punctuated by delectable cuisine and jovial camaraderie, where the IES students showcased Ponferrada’s charm and even imparted a Spanish lesson to our Redbridge pupils, to breakfast made of pastries and traditional Spanish delights, including the iconic jamón, the trip has been characterised by various experiences and explorations, such as icebreaker activities, fostering connections through shared interests and lively debates or crafting seedballs infused with local seeds and thyme, poised to rejuvenate Ponferrada’s ecosystem.

Our students even had the chance to discover the energy museum, where they embarked on a gynkana, deciphering clues amidst captivating exhibits, marveling at indigenous flora, bridging classroom learning with real-world experiences.

In the company of host families, the students immersed in a tapestry of activities, from sports to culinary delights, savouring the essence of Galician culture.

With hearts brimming with gratitude, we eagerly anticipate the days ahead and the moment in which Redbridge International School will warmly welcome Ponferrada’s students, embracing every opportunity for growth, connection, and discovery.