Redbridge offers a stimulating and multilingual journey to our students whilst following the guidance of the national curriculum:

  • Our Early Years programme follows the French national curriculum for the first three years of ‘maternelle’ whilst maintaining a strong focus on self-directed play, creativity and autonomy.
  • Primary and Middle School students follow a bilingual pathway, through a personalised and trans-disciplinary approach: families choose between the French/English pathway (French national curriculum) or the Portuguese/English pathway (Portuguese national curriculum) at the beginning of the primary years (CP / 1ºano).

We offer the full Cambridge programme for Lower and Upper Secondary. At this point, the Portuguese/English bilingual stream will be transitioning to a fully International stream beginning with Year 8 (6º ano being equivalent to Cambridge Yr 7) of Cambridge Secondary through to iGCSE level.

Redbridge school follows the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum and Lower Secondary curriculum for English and English as an Additional Language (EAL).