What makes Redbridge Unique?

Multilingual and multicultural environment with plurilingual students

  • Strong emphasis on multiculturalism and international languages

  • Community with strong links to local communities and Portuguese culture

  • Multicultural team

  • International mindedness

  • LVB and LVC

2 international education pathways with strong recognition

  • Bac Fran├žais International


  • IB Diploma Program

  • Transitions between the pathways

Inspiring and caring learning environment

  • Ideal-sized groups of learners

  • High teacher-student ratio

  • A team of highly committed, caring and passionate teachers

  • Appropriate use of technology

Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development

  • Responsive advisory meetings and Tutoring

  • Working on Group dynamic – Working with others programme

Research, Critical Thinking and Oral Expression

  • Scaffolded approach to the development of key attitudes and transversal skills

  • Leadership training programme for teenagers